Holistic Therapist since 1993
Holistic Therapist since 1993


What is Reflexology? Many people ask me this. They usually know it has something to do with the feet, but what? Reflexology is an ancient re-discovered art now being used to great benefit as a therapy to bring about relaxation, balance and healing.

If you can think of the sole of the foot being a map of the body, then all the organs and areas of the body can be positioned on this map and affected by pressure on these reflex points. Tension or congestion in any part of the foot mirrors tension and congestion in a corresponding part of the body.

So how can applying pressure to the feet have an affect elsewhere in the body? The body has the inherent capability of healing itself. Our ancestors would run and walk barefoot on uneven ground massaging their feet naturally as they moved. We now spend much of our time sitting and when we walk it is in thick soled shoes or high heels over hard, flat surfaces therefore receiving no natural massage.

The body has energy channels running from our feet to our heads and if these channels become blocked sensitivity and crysallisation will appear on the relevant reflex point of the foot. Massage to these sensitive and crystallised areas breaks down the crystallisation which clears the blocked energy channels and balances the function of the affected organ.

When receiving Reflexology treatment all the areas of the feet will be massaged so as to treat the body as a whole. Sensitive areas or those indicating an imbalance will receive extra massage. The person receiving the massage will normally feel very relaxed after the treatment and as the body relaxes so it will allow itself to go about it’s work of healing.

Modern day living creates all kinds of physical and emotional stresses and strains. So many illnesses nowadays are stress related. It makes sense to find ways of coping with this draining condition. A tense body is a tense mind and vice versa. Tense muscles trap body waste in muscle fibre causing aches and pains. It also restricts the flow of blood and reduces the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body resulting in the whole system becoming sluggish.

Reflexology can be very helpful for a wide range of complaints including migraine, back pain, sinus trouble, P.M.T, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalance and kidney disorders to name but a few.

The hands can also be worked when there is a problem with the feet. Generally the feet are more sensitive to treatment than the hands and for this reason the feet are usually treated. However, this is not true in all cases and very good results can quite often be achieved by working the hands. Also, the reflexologist can often give the person receiving the treatment work to do on their hands between treatments thus keeping the continuity of the treatment.

The benefits of Reflexology can be enjoyed by almost everyone from young to old. Reflexology stimulates energy flow and helps bring about a glow to the skin. a sparkle to the eye, a general sense of well-being with the added ability to cope with what life throws at you. Regular Reflexology treatments can help to strengthen your body and ward off illness and fatigue. Reflexology may appear to be a very simple treatment but results it can bring about can be amazing.