Holistic Therapist since 1993
Holistic Therapist since 1993

Reiki – Simply Natural Healing

Reiki is a way of channeling energy by the laying on of the hands whilst the person remains clothed and relaxed sitting in a chair or lying on a couch.

Reiki is a Japanese word representing universal life energy – the energy around us is within us.

It is not a religion nor a belief system but can open the way to new depths of spiritual healing – opening the mind and the spirit to the causes of disease and pain.

It promotes the body’s own ability to heal itself supporting and enhancing orthodox medicine.

Reiki is simple and powerful – releasing stress and producing feelings of profound well-being

Reiki evolved from the experience and dedication of Dr. Mikao Usai, a professor of Theology, who lived in Japan in the last century.

It is a healing system based on ancient Sanskrit teachings.

In the practice of Reiki we allow the universe to express itself through us. It helps us fulfill the need of individuals and of the planet as a whole, to be in balance and harmony with the universal life force.

Reiki can be used for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing.

Reiki Master – Carole Young